LISD’s Reproachful Approach to COVID-19


Shera Tanvir, Editor-in-Chief

As COVID restrictions are lifted, more and more students are getting sick. Cases in the state have surged again. Just last week, LISD reported nearly 400 lab confirmed COVID cases. Since quarantine isn’t mandatory, it is likely that the number is only going to increase as the school year progresses.

Although the district cannot enforce masks, there are other ways to slow the spread. Last year, the virtual and virtual plus options greatly decreased the population density of the school. This facilitated the enforcement of social distancing on campus. Now that virtual school is a thing of the past, social distancing is nearly impossible since there are thousands of students on campus. This school year started with many more COVID cases than last year. The district should have continued with the virtual option and requested that unvaccinated students take advantage of it.

As a district as advanced as LISD is, it is shocking to see the lack of initiative taken. They wouldn’t be doing anything groundbreaking if they did something to slow the spread of COVID. Dallas ISD, the second largest district in Texas, is requiring masks in their schools to protect their students and teachers. While this does conflict with Governor Abbott’s executive order, Dallas ISD said they’re doing it for the safety of their students and teachers. LISD does not have to do anything extreme to slow the spread of COVID. Maintaining social distancing is enough.

The pandemic is only going to get worse if everyone doesn’t do their part in flattening the curve. Governor Abbott’s order does limit what schools have the authority to do in terms of safety, but there are ways to bypass it. By putting the safety of students and teachers first, LISD will be accomplishing their mission of creating a safe and nurturing learning environment.