Should the Driving Age be Raised?

Should the Driving Age be Raised?

Aspen Jones, Staff Writer

A new survey states that 53% of people want the driving age to be raised to 17 or even 18 years old. Meanwhile, 42% believe that the driving age should stay the same.

Usually, in Texas a young driver needs to be 16 or 17 in order to drive alone, but there are many people, such as politicians and safety experts, who want to raise the age to 18.

There are some good reasons why politicians and safety experts want to raise the driving age. The biggest reason is safety. Another reason why political and safety experts want to raise the age is that they believe it will make teens more active. By taking away young teens who are unable to drive they will have to bike or find a different way to travel to their desired destination rather than driving. The final reason why politicians want to raise the driving age is that it’s proven that 18-year-olds are more mature than 16-year-olds.

When someone is young, they have to be driven around by their parents all of the time, which causes an inconvenience on their parents. At the age of 16, a teen can drive themselves around to save their parents time and money as well. Most 13, 14 and 15 year olds are looking forward to the day when they can drive. The day they can grab their keys and walk out the front door and drive to their desired destination. The day they can drive in the shiny new car and roll down the window to feel the nice cool wind on their faces as they drive down the empty street. The day they can have just the slightest control over their own lives and futures. Furthermore the driving age should not be raised.