When You Have Writer’s Block

Tina Luo, Editor-in-Chief

When you have writer’s block, your brain feels stuck. You may write nonsense. You may repeat yourself. You may repeat yourself. You may write nothing at all. 

[End of article]

Just kidding. Moving on.

So you do a brain dump about everything you can think of that might help you out, and it’s a jumbled mess but you keep writing, and you don’t know what you’re writing anymore, and…

How about some inspiration? You search, “How to write about writer’s block when you have writer’s block.” That doesn’t seem to help. 

Motivational quotes, perhaps? “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Thanks Mark Twain, but we’re trying our best here.

Surely a nice long walk will do it. Clear your head, get the blood pumping, take in some fresh air. But during your walk you can’t stop contemplating your lack of ideas, and the greenery is not inspiring your creativity like you thought it would. 

You’re back home now, ready to give up. Maybe, you think, ignoring what you started is OK. Maybe you’ll just figure it out later… but you know yourself, and later usually means never. What, then, could be the cure to this agonizing ailment?

Write about anything, even if it’s writer’s block itself. 

The longer you fixate on your inability to write, the more difficult it will be to get anything on the page. Keep coming back and adding to the work, however messy or unrelated it may be, and you will reach a sense of direction, even an idea or two. And don’t stress over taking breaks. After all, when you have writer’s block, your writing may end abruptly-