More Than Just Pizza – Taverna Rossa Review

Dimi Nedyalkov, Staff Writer

If you are ever in the mood for pizza, but are craving a little something more than just a regular, old pie from Pizza Hut, the local Taverna Rossa in Southlake might just be the perfect place to go. Taverna Rossa is known for its craft pizza and pasta in a bustling dining atmosphere filled with music and chatter. 

Weekends are the restaurant’s specialty. Friday and Saturday nights feature live music from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on-stage in the restaurant’s main dining area. If the blues or rock aren’t your thing, the much more peaceful patio is also an option. With an open view of the night sky and a meal right next to its outdoor fountain, Taverna Rossa sets a great mood for a relaxing meal.

Although a pleasant atmosphere helps establish a good restaurant, there is one thing that is much more important: the food. Luckily, Taverna Rossa is just as favorable in this department. A large selection of appetizers, ranging from tomato basil soup to smoked brisket sliders, is available to kickstart your Taverna Rossa experience. But its specialty, craft pizza, is the highlight of the menu. There are 12 different pizzas, as well as five different pastas and six salads, should you choose to stray from the restaurant’s pizza theme. All pizzas and select pastas have vegan or gluten-free alternatives. Dessert is available in the form of a giant chocolate chip cookie, caramel bread pudding, or chocolate stout cake.

My last order was the sweet chili wings appetizer and the Calabrese Cavatappi main course. The wings were alright, but the cavatappi was amazing. It had a good amount of spice and was served with a large garlic bread on the side. Although the pasta was great, their specialty is definitely pizza. As my first ever order from Taverna Rossa, it was levels above its local competition. The cheese pulled just how you wanted, the ratio between ingredients was just right, and it was cooked to perfection. Truthfully, the rest of the menu does not compare; if you want a true Taverna Rossa meal, I highly recommend ordering their pizza instead of their pasta.

With the atmosphere and variety of food options, one might think Taverna Rossa is a super expensive establishment, but it is surprisingly affordable. A fully stocked night with appetizers and desserts totals to less than $100 for two. Although it isn’t cheap, it definitely provides more bang for your buck than expected. 

Whether you want to relax or liven up, Southlake’s Taverna Rossa has a way of making your experience special. Celebrate, go on a date, or order food for takeout and eat it alone while watching Netflix—no matter the occasion, Taverna Rossa will not let you down.