The Need to Shelter the Homeless & How Celebrities are Helping

Claire McNeme, J1 Guest Writer


In the state of Texas, 9% of the population is homeless, meaning 27,000 individuals. Additionally 375 of these people are people of color. Due to COVID19 the percentage rates in Texas have risen by 5% in just the last year. The city of Austin has 2,506 homeless people. This is an alarming number, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better any time soon. Many homeless shelters rely on federal funding, but that can be hard to come by. This is when celebrities and philanthropists have their time to shine. Jon Bon Jovi has built 77 homes for homeless veterans, he also started the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, which works with other non-profit organizations to provide basic needs to the homeless, Bill gates has started the Gates Foundation, which awards $4.5 million dollars to expand housing and services for the homeless. Dallas, Texas has made homeless encampments illegal. A supreme court case was rejected by the court when they decided that criminalizing homelessness was unconstitutional and immoral. David Grubber, the spokesman for Metro Dallas homeless alliance, says that: “Criminalization of homelessness does not work. The only thing that works is getting people into housing,”. 

If you feel compelled to help the homeless in your community, try signing up to volunteer or donate to one out of the plethora of charities/nonprofit.