A Pandemic Perspective

Joshua Lee, J1 Guest Writer

During the COVID 19 situation, at first I really enjoyed having another week of spring break and was even more excited that we weren’t going to have school for another whole month. By the time I realized that we were basically having a six month summer vacation, I was so happy that I could’ve been in heaven by the time I heard the news. During the Corona Virus outbreak, I would usually see on my feed on instagram “OMG I MISS YOU” and “CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU”, and etc.

At first it was really annoying because that was all they were talking about for the entire lockdown and it made me [upset] because they didn’t have to show off that they were missing their friends. But then later I found out that because of the entire time I was in quarantine, not socializing with anybody, I later came to the point that I forgot how to talk to people again. I first noticed this when I first went out to go get something, and my friend was there. I tried to talk to him but when I did only random nonsense came out. Because the conversation was really awkward and we have both forgotten how to communicate properly with each other. I tried to fix this problem by calling and FaceTiming others. At first it was really difficult, because of people, but I started to get back into socializing with others. I’m not perfect at it yet but it definitely helped a bit with me getting back into talking with others.