Clay Matthews Traded to Rams

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By Zachary Samuels

With 10 years under his belt as a Green Bay linebacker, Clay Matthews has signed a two year contract with the LA Rams. Matthews had already played for the Rams but was picked up by the Packers in 2009. Now with his return to the Rams he has come full circle.

The addition of Clay Matthews to the Rams should excite any Rams fan because he will only better their already good defense. LA needed to fill a hole in their defense after letting go their long time inside linebacker Mark Barron.

Now with the loss of Clay Matthews Green Bay is starting to look barren. Many speculate that the reign of a good Packers team is over. Most fans are throwing their expectations on the Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers who has been a famously good QB in the past, but one man can’t carry a whole team.

Who knows though? Green Bay may come out and exceed all expectations, or maybe the LA Rams may win the next Super Bowl. All that’s for certain is that the next NFL season will be incredibly interesting.