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By Emily Horner

The Flower Mound Rosettes are a great group of girls that all share their passion for dance together. This organization is a wonderful opportunity for girls to bond together while they perform during football half times and competitions.

Because of the intense competition at Flower Mound the Rosette tryouts have a lot of pressure for the girls who want to participate in this program. The tryout process lasts a week and consists of a jazz and kick routine that has to be memorized by the end of the week. There are other factors that the competitor has to keep in mind while trying out. For example, their flexibility is judged as well as their appearance and performance itself. “The Rosettes have told us all of the different skills we need to know for tryouts, which is nice,” Audrina Law, a hopeful Rosette said.

There are many prep classes that the girls can take to prepare themselves to try out. Two weeks before tryouts, the girls have the opportunity to take classes every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 4:30-6:00 pm that are taught by the Rosette officers. “The practice classes really help me know what I need to work on. Getting criticism from Rosettes themselves is really great,” Law said.

Over all, the Rosettes is an amazing opportunity for anybody interested in dancing. This program helps girls bond and keep up with their strength and flexibility.

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