Running With the Pack

Michaela McPherson

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Most people know the track team for its impeccable scores in region and state competitions, but few students outside of the team itself know of the comradery that the members share.

“I love it because everyone is so close with each other,” senior Keenan Middleton said. “It’s great knowing that your teammates will be cheering for you at the competitions.”

The bond that runs through the team is one that stays strong not only by training together, but by simply being around each other.

“Hanging out with the friends I made on the team is so much fun,” Keenan said. “Even the meets are like parties because just being together with all of them is a blast.”

Because of the strong friendship that the runners share, they are constantly trying to push each other to run faster.

“My track friends are always pushing me to do better,” sophomore Jordan Hasylett said. “They make me want to run faster and make them proud.”

Despite the long-lasting bonds that the team has created, freshmen and seniors alike, they know that it must think about a future without their friends.

“Once I’m out of high school, I could probably run for almost any college I’m accepted to,” Jordan said. “It would be hard to leave all of the amazing friends I made while running for this school.”

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