Careful what you wish for…

Shelly Lim, Staff Writer

I’ve been trying to follow my path as a junior in high school: to get a good grade/SAT score, choose a college, and get as many scholarships as possible. But, life is getting difficult for any student trying to get through this now. I realize that even these things are a big deal to me but, they are small compared to what is happening throughout the world.
It’s interesting to think only four months ago that my thoughts were about sleeping in and summer plans. Now I’m thinking about what tomorrow will bring, and for centuries to come.
Everyday, I wonder when this will be over. It scares me to think about not leaving the house for another year or two. If people were to listen and stay home, maybe quarantine would be over sooner. Watching my life crumble slowly in front of my eyes makes me feel hopeless about my future. I just wish I could take a road trip with my friends for at least one day and have a wonderful time. I think it was our mistake and selfishness to wish for a longer spring break…
In the movie 16 wishes, Abby Jensen, played by Debby Ryan, wishes upon her birthday candles and her selfishness to be treated as an adult. This messes everything up for her. The main lesson in the story was to be careful what we wish for and in this case, I think we got what we deserved.
There’s so much time to spare, yet so little to do. But to keep myself active, I’ve been making masks, working out, and finding new hobbies. However, the best thing to keep me productive is cleaning my room. I’m not a big fan of cleaning anything, but because I’ve been spending so much time in my room, so far there hasn’t been a day gone by where my room was messy.
Personally, I think it’s hard for me to keep up with my friends, because I do not like texting or calling people. If we were to FaceTime, we’d just sit silently, without a word, in front of the camera. It’s terrible how social distancing is being extended day by day, and that makes me feel like I’m getting further away from my friends. Despite the fact, I want to see everyone face-to-face.
Thinking of all the factories being closed down and the less greenhouse gasses being used, the earth is getting better every day. Coronavirus may have been horrible to human health, but to nature, it’s the best thing that’s happened in such a long time. It’s beautiful to see the sky clear and the animals thrive in the population. As quarantine finishes, it will be nice for people to feel the fresh air on their skin and enjoy nature again.