Corona v. Classes


Katelyn Shea, Writer

Due to the pandemic, multiple school districts had to change to online schools and there are going to be many difficulties with the virtual learning environment. How are coaches supposed to coach his/her respective sport if they have to be on an online-platform?
The FMHS Wire staff has interviewed a variety of Flower Mound faculty members. From the similarity of the interview answers, there was much insight provided on the inconveniences of a pandemic.
Here are some of the questions and answers.
How did you change up the class so you could teach online? How do you teach it?
“I break down information and provide information needed for the course.” -Coach Fitzgerald, Outdoor Ed, P.E, Health
“I have utilized video a lot. I’ve created videos where I have walked through teaching a warm up or teaching a dance combination that students can learn on their own and then video themselves completing.” -Coach Elmore, Dance, Drill Team Prep, and the Rosettes.
“Posting the workouts online, having to do activities outside comfort zones to keep kids engaged.” -Coach Gray, Soccer, History
Would you say it’s easier or harder online?
“ It’s definitely harder online. Though teachers are teaching the same content, we are having to completely re-do how we teach, that has been a challenge for sure.” -Coach Elmore,Dance, Drill Team Prep, and the Rosettes.
“Definitely challenging because we have never had to go fully online before.” -Mr. Kruk, Art, Paint, AP Studio Art
What are some difficulties that have occurred while switching from in-person to online?
“Making sure everyone is getting the information needed for the courses and classes.” -Coach Gray,Soccer, History
“Getting all my students the right materials to do the class.” -Mr. Kruk, Art, Paint, AP Studio Art
What is one thing you’re doing this year for your class that you had to modify because of the pandemic?
“Putting trust into the students to do their work and making sure they’re doing their part of the assignment or workout.” -Coach Gray, Soccer, History
“Warm-up games are hard because the whole point of it is to work together and communicate with each other.” -Mrs.Haley, Advanced Theatre, Tech Theatre, Theatre 1
“Outdoor Ed, Cooking. We can’t really do that online because of the pandemic. Some people won’t have the ingredients so they would need to go out to the store to get some, but because of the pandemic asking the students to go out is risking their health so instead the students will search up a recipe and submit it, they won’t have to cook it.” -Coach Fitzgerald, Outdoor Ed, P.E, Health