Quarterly Politics

VIctoria Singleton, staff writer

RNC: The Republican National Convention took place from Monday August 24th to Thursday August 27th. Donald Trump, Jr., Sen. Tim Scott and First Lady Melania Trump were some of the many speakers who spoke on Trump’s behalf at the national convention. Regardless of unpopular opinion Donald Trump accepted the official Rebuplican party nomination at the White House. Due to the Hatch act and ethics in general the use of the White House by Donald Trump was frowned upon by many national ethics experts. The Hatch Act, enacted in 1939, is a United States federal law intended to prevent “pernicious political activities”. Unfortunately this law does not apply the The President or their VP. Trump spoke heavily about cancel culture. Advocacy for the first amendment, Joe Biden and other hot topics were the focus of the week’s convention. “Everyday Americans”, like Alice Johnson, were given airtime this year to speak about the things Donald Trump contributed to them as well as hardships of their lifetimes. Around 1500 people attended the fourth night of the convention, most with no masks in sight.

DNC: Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Former President Barack Obama and New Hampshire teen Brayden Harris, were a few of the speakers at the DNC. Joe Biden had received numerous attacks from the media for his old-fashioned way of speaking during previous political events. Biden did a much better job keeping with the times during the August 17-20 event. Biden’s signature “speak to the American people” moment was started and publicized here. Harris made history by being the first black woman and person of Indian descent to accept the vice presidential nomination. Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife, focused on education to engage voters. Education in America, along with a plethora of other issues that separate most parties as well as their supporters. Independent Republicans were included as an invitation to join the DNC. Whether or not that particular group of voters was listening is unknown.

Donald Trump was found to have been downplaying the virus. Putting that aside, the number of cases at more local hospitals are swamped with patients. Hospital beds are low in numbers yet the virus continues to rise in numbers. Three more people in Denton County have been confirmed dead due to complications with the Corona virus as of Thursday, October 29. Denton County has had more than 16,000 cases — 2, 931 of these cases are still active and 130 people have died due to the virus.
While experts say we are reaching our third Covid peak as a country, political candidates continue to campaign across the country. Donald Trump has made a name for himself with three superspreader events traced back to his “mask-optional” rallies. Joe Biden and former president Barack Obama are set to make an in person appearance together for the end of Biden’s Campaign. Politics continues to integrate itself into healthcare while countless people continue to die.

Amy Coney Barret:
On October 26, 2020 Amy Coney Barret was sworn into the supreme court with a vote of 52-48. This situation has been anticipated for the past month by individuals nationwide who feel different was about not only her nomination but also the push for her swearing in occurring before the election. Barret is the third judge to be confirmed by President trump, of those the rapist Brett Kavanaugh. LGBTQIA rights, religious issues and abortion law are of the many issues concerning the country now that the supreme court sits in conservative favor 6-3. While many feel there rights are in jeopardy the catholic church is very vocal in their support for Barret.
Under judicial oath any member of the bench must pledge to “administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich.” Lets hope Barret remembers this. The shoes of RBG are large ones to fill.