Deadpool 5 Year Anniversary

Nelson Acosta, Staff Writer


Deadpool a.k.a. Wade Wilson stars actor Ryan Reynolds in a twist on the superhero movie. Deadpool is what you consider an anti-hero, so he is neither good nor bad, and his job in this movie is to track and kill Ajax. He is the one who gave Deadpool his powers, and made him look pretty ugly, or as Deadpool would put it a “Pepperoni Flatbread.” The movie also turns into a love story between Wade and his girlfriend, Vanessa. The beginning is probably my favorite part of the movie as it makes fun of the characters starring in the movie, such as they call Ryan Reynolds “God’s Perfect Idiot”. I love how the movie is written, and filled with many Marvel and previous Ryan Reynold movie references, like the addition of Stan Lee being a DJ, and a trading card of the Green Lantern who Reynolds used to play. The movie perfectly shows how Wade is feeling about Vanessa, and it helps the viewer see him as a good guy and understand his pain.

Wade was working as a Specials forces operative, then diagnosed with cancer. Later, The Recruiter comes up to Wade telling him they have the cure for his cancer. Wade is interested in this offer, and goes to the underground facility where we meet Ajax. Wade then realizes he’s been tricked by Ajax into planning to be killed. Ajax figures he is successful, but Wade is still alive and has gained healing powers that let him restore his damages. After Wade escapes he goes on a journey to track down Vanessa. On his journey he creates Deadpool, and his first major battle is on a major highway where Ajax gets away. Soon after Ajax realizes that Wade is still alive and is Deadpool, he holds Vanessa hostage. Deadpool then goes to the X-Mansion where he recruits Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to find Vanessa. They eventually do, and Vanessa is saved, with her accepting the way Deadpool looks.

Director Tim Miller did a great job with the movie, he is able to make the viewer feel the emotions of Deadpool with his lighting choices, and it was perfect as you always would want to look at the movie, nothing turned you away. I really enjoyed the shots where everything in the movie was frozen, or slowly moving, the camera moves around and helps show tiny details you would normally miss. I also enjoyed the breaking of the fourth wall moments, especially in the end credits, where Deadpool spoofs Ferris Bueller. Overall the movie is great, and I would recommend it to people of ages 14 and above due to the movie featuring mature content.