Prom: A night out of this world or a colossal waste of time?

Emma Wiborg

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That night we’ve spent months planning for is now in the past. Those hours we spent planning transportation and pictures is behind us. All we have left to remember are the piles of flipbooks stuffed into our closets and the painful blisters from our shoes. All of that hassle is enough to make anyone ask the question: Was prom truly a night out of this world or was it just a colossal waste of time?

Years ago, I watched in awe as my sister got ready for prom and stepped into a gleaming black limo. Just standing next to her made me feel glamorous. There was excitement in her eyes and that only got me more anxious for my prom experience. It’s too bad that I had a lot of hype for prom.

The venue was underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time. Let me explain. I wasn’t feeling like I stepped into an intergalactic world as I expected from “A Night Out of This World.” There was a nice ice sculpture you couldn’t see over everyone’s heads and multicolored flowers decorating the tables. I wasn’t expecting an Oscar after-party, but I felt the theme should have been more obvious.

The thing that was very overwhelming was the dance floor because it was extremely small considering the number of people at the dance. The reason I never took my heels off was because I didn’t want my foot to get stabbed by another girl’s heel. There were so many people dancing that it got really hot, really fast. It didn’t matter if it was your BO you were smelling because there were hundreds of other people around to blame it on.

The food at prom was easy to eat and delicious. My friends and I especially loved the gelato served bottomless all night. I kept coming back for more of the rich, chocolaty goodness. I didn’t get to try a lot of the food, but it all looked amazing and followed the theme better than the decorations.

The students who didn’t dance say they enjoyed the food and photo ops. People like me who love to dance, spent most of the night grabbing different friends to dance with. There was a great variety of pop and rap with the occasional slow song to make all singles groan.

I wouldn’t say prom was a colossal waste of time, but it didn’t live up to all my expectations. And yet I had a really fun time with my friends and prom, despite my problems with it, will always go down as my favorite high school memory.

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