Which Game Will Be the Last One Standing?

Dean Sanchez

April 19, 2018

Filed under Misc., Student Interest

With the meteoric rise of Epic Games’ Fortnite and PUBG Corporation’s Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the battle royale genre of video games is the most recent trend in the video game industry. The game’s are pret...

APEX Robotics Wins Excellence Award

Jillian Rash

February 23, 2018

Filed under Clubs, Student Interest

While some people spend their time honing their musical skills or practicing sports, the members of APEX Robotics work for hours to program and build their robots. While others aren’t so gifted with engineering, the members o...

Self-Diagnosis: A Mental Health Crisis

Scott Convery, Writer

January 29, 2018

Filed under Student Interest

In our current cultural climate, mental health and the importance of mental health awareness ever-present. Our modern media and literature consistently builds protagonists and leading roles with mental illness, as seen in show...

The Possibility of Off-Campus Lunch

Dean Sanchez, Assistant Editor

January 29, 2018

Filed under Student Interest

Introducing off-campus lunch at Flower Mound, provided there are some safety precautions, would drastically improve students’ spirits. A simple system of check-in, check-out could work: students would have to check in at ...

The Battle for Net Neutrality

Scott Convery, Writer

January 29, 2018

Filed under Student Interest

The United States is in the midst of a very divisive era. Surging populations of radical voices are growing on both sides of the political spectrum, and partisanship is at an all time high. But net neutrality can be one thing...

The Impact of iPads

Hana Ahmad, Writer

January 29, 2018

Filed under Student Interest

A rhythm of taps and clicks resonates inside a classroom of juniors at Flower Mound High School. Murmurs of indistinct conversations drift across the room. Students hunch over iPads, their fingers lightly drumming across glass s...

Are Cursing Politicians What America Needs?

Saimaadhur Bommareddy

May 25, 2017

Filed under Featured, Student Interest

It’s common nature that humans associate foul words in public talk to be associated with the speaker trying to make a point? However, if one notices, the frequency of politicians using such foul words in public speeches is increasing...

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