The Need to Restructure our Education System

Claire McNeme, J1 Guest Writer

Although the school system is very necessary to our youth, many students feel as though it could be greatly improved. I think we can all agree that knowing how to read and write, basic math, geography and history, and various basic sciences are very necessary in the real world, but when it comes to highschool level education, many students will never use this knowledge in the future. Brooke Hull, a student at Flower Mound High School, wants to major in Kinesiology in college, and she feels as though her English and history classes don’t reflect her passion. She says: “I feel like more classes that have to do with what you know you are going into rather than you are having to force yourself to learn, when you won’t use it later on”. 3/3 people that were interviewed stated that they did not know how to do basic life skills such as taxes, and that they felt like this is something the school system needs to teach them in order to thrive. 


Luis Espinosa wants to do something in engineering, and even if this changes he knows that he doesn’t want to go into anything involving English, therefore he feels that taking his current english class is unnecessary. He states that basic life skills such as taxes are: “General information that you shouldn’t have to take a side class like finance on the side in order to learn, but it should be incorporated into our math classes”. Now my point is not that school itself is unnecessary, but that it is structured to where we end up taking many unnecessary classes, and miss out on what should be common knowledge.