A Flow of Fashion

Sana Shah, J1 Guest Writer

How do the clothes that we wear supply a platform for our fashion? What exactly is American fashion? What are the clothing customs in America? American society is full of diverse people with different senses of fashion and many different tastes.

 Fashion plays a huge part in defining us as Americans. Fashion can also unify and bring people together. It’s so cool to see the evolution of fashion in America take place. In fact, the fashion evolution is happening right now. 

America’s roots are so deeply embedded in the fashion industry. In fact, the U.S. is one of the countries who lead the fashion design industry alongside France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Japan, all of whom are fashion powerhouses in their own right.

The iconic American city known as New York City is one of four global fashion capitals of the world alongside Paris, Milan, and London.

Mario Grauso, the president of Holt Renfrew, a Canadian luxury store chain, asserts that “American fashion has always been defined by the lifestyle brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. These brands have the ability to sell anything, from underwear to evening gowns, in stores as diverse as T.J. Maxx to Bergdorf’s. American fashion has also dominated denim and streetwear, bridging pop culture with fashion.” What makes American fashion stand out is its ability to be identifiable with the people who wear it. It can also combine the current pop culture climate with the direction of the fashion industry allowing it to be worn frequently by Americans and people from all over the world as well as be current with the evolving fashion trends. 

American fashion relies on the rest of the world to come up with new things. Because of globalization and the increased interconnectivity of the world, American fashion often takes inspiration from the rest of the world especially in terms of style, depth, and color. The world quite literally has a huge amount of influence on American fashion which is a huge part of American culture and life. 

Ralph Lauren, a revered American fashion designer, said “When we talk about the state of American fashion today it’s really ‘world’ fashion we’re talking about. The influences and influencers driven and shared through the Internet have democratized and globalized fashion.” Lauren’s shared observations really show how influential the world and social media have influenced American fashion and American fashion trends. Lauren’s observations also go in the other direction in the sense that America also influences fashion all over the world through the creativity that young, aspiring American fashion designers have. 

American fashion is evolving and complex. It is always changing and super interesting to see the trends of fashion, especially American fashion, take charge and be a part of a global fashion evolution. Social Media and the increased globalized and fast paced world that we live in attributes to the diversification of  American fashion and worldwide fashion as a whole.