Screen Time is Damaging

Grace Capdevila, J1 Guest Writer



Picture this; you’re scrolling through your phone seamlessly as your eyes begin to hurt and a headache comes rolling in, Sound familiar? Looking at a screen can cause major side effects to yourself. 

The average person spends about 3 hours on their phone every day. Spending so much time looking at a screen could cause real damage to your brain. Reachers say that spending time on your phone can make your brain lazy. Eye strain syndrome is a syndrome in which you get irritated, headaches, dryness of eyes just from looking at your phone for too long. But there’s more side effects to screens. 

Screen time can be harmful to your mental and physical health. Reachers say that longer screen time is attached to anxiety and depression. Most teenagers in the Gen Z generations are depressed. Our bodies weren’t made to be staring at a screen all day. Comparing and contrasting between what your life is ‘supposed’ to be like, and how you’re ‘supposed’ to look like can lead to damaging effects on yourself. Low self esteem is a big part of screen time. 

You can be easily addicted to your screen as if you are on drugs. There are withdrawals and side effects from this addiction. Some withdrawals from this addiction are; Relentless, anger, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, etc. There are diagnoses for specific phone addictions. Nomophobia is the fear of going without your phone. Textaphrenia is the fear that you can send or receive texts. Dangers like car crashes can be linked to phones and people’s addictions to them. Screens are an addiction that we don’t want to solve. 

I might be an old soul but I wish we didn’t have phones. I think it’s sad that everyone is in tune with this fake world and they are not even looking at our real world. For example you could go on a bike ride, walk, and go hang out with friends! Think about how much time you spend on your phone. Now think about how much time you would spend if you didn’t have your phone. Everyone’s life would be so productive if we had less screen time and more self control. Yes they do help us in many ways, but screens can cause a lot of damage to young minds. If you just put down your phone for sometime you might see what life has to offer. Everyone should set limits on their phones to get more out of life. 

Reflection: I created emotional appeal by stating facts about how you’re missing out on so much of life. I structured my argument with a question to get the reader’s attention and then facts and then an emotional appeal, this is effective because it gives a variety of things to be reading to really get my point across.