By Ashton Nelson

 Social media plays a part in every teens life. Even schools have started incorporating it into lessons, and businesses advertise for it everywhere. Almost every teen has some sort of social media account, and with that, comes some faults.

     For as long as there has been social media, there has been cyberbullying. It’s a struggle that has developed over the years and as a result, the teenagers too. Young girls and boys scroll on a screen every day only to make fast snap judgments about people they have never even talked to. It’s entertainment, and sometimes cyberbullying.

     It’s easy for seemingly harmless scrolling and commenting to get out of hand when you’re in front of a screen. People often forget that what they are saying is actually going to another human behind a different screen.

     As a result feelings often get hurt, or in some cases, end up with suicide. There are too many cases to count of young, impressionable teens reading online comments and seeing rumors being spread only to turn around and end their own life.

     The people making these comments, and spreading these rumors, usually don’t necessarily want the other person to end up committing suicide, but it happens regardless.

     I think we should teach teens starting at a young age what cyberbullying can do to another person, how it can affect or even end another’s life who could have otherwise done great things. If young adults are shown and taught this from a young age, they are much less likely to hide behind a screen next time and make bad choices. We should teach them how to solve conflicts between each other civilly and kindly before it gets out of hand. Then, we will slowly put an end to cyberbullying.