My Experience with NASCAR

Riley Sanders

  In 2010 I went to a NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway but it wasn’t just an ordinary experience. My dad has a friend that has all the passes you could think of, even down in the pit and near the crew. When we arrived we gave the lady the parking pass and drive under the speedway through a tunnel that led to the middle of the race track where all of the RV campers watch. When we first pulled in through the tunnel I was amazed. It was the biggest stadium I’ve ever been in, it is like standing inside of 2 cowboys stadiums together. My dad’s friend met us after we parked and introduced himself and then told us he had a surprise for us.

  He gave my dad and me a pass to one of the driver’s garage where they prepare the car before the race and double check everything. Me, being a car fanatic, I was overwhelmed by the car and couldn’t take my eyes off of it. After they double checked everything they gave everyone ear plugs to cancel out some of the noise of the car so it wouldn’t be so loud. The moment I’ve been waiting for finally happened: they started up the car, the exhaust was the most  aggressive sound I have heard come out of a car ever before. When the race started the car we watched was in first and continued to be in first until 10 laps before the race ended, the best part about the race was the view. From where I was sitting on top of one of the RV’s you could see the whole track and see how fast these cars really go within less than 100 yards in front of you.

   What made this event special was going with my dad, at the time he was out of town a lot for work and I never really had time to spend time with him because he would only be home for weekends and he promised me he would have a surprise for me one weekend when he came back. So the experience was one to remember because I was with my dad and I got to be around actual race cars which made it even better because I love cars. After the race my dad took me over to the pit we visited and asked the driver for a picture with the three of us. After we took the pic the driver handed me his hat and gloves and signed them, at that point I was speechless.  I will never forget that weekend because it meant so much to me and created a stronger relationship between me and my dad.