Temperature Control At School

By Daria Kropshofer

Why does the AC have to be below 65 degrees? Do we have to be freezing inside a building?

Sitting in a classroom and trying to focus is already hard enough for some students, but then also worrying about getting a cold from the air conditioner is even worse. Temperatures in or below the 60s are way too cold. These circumstances make a very uncomfortable learning environment.

That students have to sit in classrooms with their winter clothes on in midsummer is bothersome. Some people might be more temperature resistant than others and might even be wearing shorts in 45 degree weather and not feel the tiniest bit cold (but those people are a little out of their mind) . Even if there are those people we need to be considerate of all people when we share our environment with.

One time I was in a classroom with a teacher who thought it was way too hot, even though everyone in the room was wearing their jackets and was looking like a mummy trying to escape the coldness of the room. The teacher didn’t care at all and turned the air conditioner all the way down and was acting as if the room had 90 degrees instead of 60. Situations like these are unacceptable and people getting sick because of the ac is even more aggravating.

Why would anyone think it is appropriate for students to have to bring winter clothing and sometimes scarves just to be warm enough in school? Why do some teachers not care about the health of their students? Or about them wearing scarves when it’s in the 90s outside?

Of course it is considerable that sometimes nobody makes it clear to the teacher by saying something, even I am sometimes guilty of not taking action and just quietly suffering. Sometimes I just sit there and can’t even concentrate because I am just so freezing and don’t want to move. Shouldn’t we have air conditioner rules and restrictions, on how hot or cold it can be?

If it’s 80 degrees or more it can also be very irritating and have almost the same effects on students and their learning environment. We really should have temperature restrictions in school.