Preparing for Graduation

By Matt Stanislawski

As a senior, graduation is probably one of the best things to happen for someone at the age of 18. Others may not like it because they have to move into the real world by either getting a job or moving off to college. However I am personally excited because all that sounds amazing to me. I remember looking back when I graduated elementary school and moved on to middle school. The first day of 6th grade when I was walking outside to meet my bus I was just thinking to myself that wow, I’m in middle school now, and that’s 3 years long. Not to mention the fact that high school is 4 years long. I told myself that it’s gonna feel like an eternity and I’d never graduate because as a kid it just seems like a really long time. I look back at those memories and think of where I’m at now and it’s just astonishing how fast time flies by. This last year of high school is going by quicker than I know what month we’re in. I’ve always heard the quote, “Life is short, live it to the fullest” and I never really related to it but now I can.

I am thankful for knowing what I am going to do when I’m older. I’m going to culinary arts when I graduate and I hope I can learn a lot of knowledge and use that to benefit my mother’s business. I feel like a lot of people that go to college not knowing what they want to do as a career and that can be a scary thing. I honestly don’t think I’d be comfortable doing something like that because I like to be sure what’s coming up on the road ahead of me. Both of my parents own their businesses and all my other brothers happen to take after my father’s business but I leaned more towards my mother’s. She owns a restaurant and I find it enjoyable to prep, cook, and even serve food. I love baking in general, things like cakes and pies I love doing. It’s fascinating to figure out what recipes you can discover or create. So I can’t be more ready for my graduation because I can’t wait to venture forth into the real world and what it has to offer for me.