The Month of May

By Riley Sanders

  My favorite month has always been May, not only because it is the month of my birthday but it is also the last month of school before summer.  I admire the flowers blooming and the temperature rising because it reminds me of the start of summer. It is also an easy month because school is wrapping up and I don’t have to panic about my grades or taking tests besides the final exams.  Now that I am in high school I have experienced there are many events you can attend to at the end of the school year.
   There are many events like powder puff which is a 7v7 football game for girls meant for a fun time and for everyone to get together. The fun part about it is that the football players get to coach the girls before the game. I have also been to the Jag Bash event which consists of volleyball, food, games, and other activities for kids of all ages that can come out to the high school grads field to enjoy each other.  The one thing I always get excited about is spring football, it gets everyone revved up and excited about the season as well.
   Spring football is usually 4 weeks depending on when we get out of school. I like spring ball because I can show the coaches how I have progressed from the season and it gives you a preview of how the team will potentially be in the season. Even though spring football sucks sometimes I would never want to be anywhere else after school doing anything else. Most people like to go to the lake but to me I would rather play football on a nice sunny day.
   I enjoy the month of May mainly because school is winding down and my schedule starts to open up which allows me to have more time on my hands to spend time with my family and friends.  That’s why I can’t wait for May this year because I have a feeling it will go by fast but be a good month for me as well.