A Halloween’s Worth of Scary

Anna Day, J1 Guest Writer

The spooky season of Halloween has arrived yet again, and with it comes many Halloween- based movies. One of the new movies just out now on Netflix is Hubie Halloween.
Hubie Halloween, starring Adam Sandler, is a fun comedy movie about a good natured community volunteer man, Hubie, who often falls subject to the town’s meanest pranks. Halloween night, while completing his volunteer duties Hubie finds himself in the midst of a real investigation, for a real murderer.
Not only does this movie keep you laughing and entertained the whole time, but you get to watch some of your favorite childhood stars all grown up. It’s super cool to get to see many child Disney stars such as Peyton List, Bradley Perry, Karan Brar, and China McClain all acting together. This is one thing Adam Sandler always excels at, and that is having familiar lovable faces in his movies.
If scary movies like The Conjuring just aren’t for you definitely watch Hubie Halloween! It will surely bring laughs and smiles all while getting you in the Halloween spirit.