Halloween 2020?

Cade Harycki, J1 Guest Writer

Halloween has always been one of the best holidays for me. I love scaring people and getting scared. Horror movies have always been a favorite of mine and what better time to watch them than during October. Everything about this month gets me in such a good mood, the amazing weather, the decorations and people’s yards, and the spooky movies and shows on tv.
Our family takes Halloween more seriously than your average family. We go all out with decorations, like a Christmas tree, we have a halloween tree. It’s a dead tree that we move in our house and cover in fake cobwebs and decorations like you would a christmas tree. About a week before halloween, we make a haunted trail in our woods and load the woods with decorations. On halloween night we have people working the haunted trail and it’s the attraction of our neighborhood. Halloween is such a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing what Halloween 2020 holds in store.

jack lantern in the halloween night (Getty Images/iStockphoto)