The New Gaming Console Xbox series X is Out: What you need to know

Caleb Vogel, J1 Guest Writer

Fall 2020 is an important season for the video game industry. There are a few new titles
that are coming out, and news of exciting games that are going to come out in 2021, but what
has really got the gaming community excited is the release of two new consoles, the
playstation5 and the Xbox series X, today though, i’ll be talking about the Xbox.
The xbox series xa has many promising features, the most noticeable are the great new
launch titles becoming able to play with the new console. The game most hyped was Halo:
infinite, but sadly, because of covid, production has slowed and they are instead releasing Halo:
the master chief collection. The other games becoming available with this new console are
Yakuza:like a dragon, and Dirt 5. The Xbox series X is starting off at an impressive first bid of
$499. The Xbox’s price is understandable when you see its many storage capabilities. The
Xbox Series X has an amazing 802GB of usable storage space in its insane in-built 1TB
SSD, reserving almost 200GB for the operating system and essential system files for
optimum performance. But that’s not all that Microsoft has in store. The console is also
sporting an impressive custom GPU with 12 teraflops of power and 52 compute units
running at 1.825GHz. That’s basically the most powerful graphics processing chip in
any console to date – even more powerful than the one adopted by the forthcoming PS5,
putting it ahead of the PS5 in both storage and graphics. Now for the exterior. All the
techno;og needed for optimum gameplay is stored in the large rectangular prism
shaped console in a sleek black color. The size is larger than average and has turned
some away from the console for fear that it will be clunky and awkward. But all in all, the
Xbox series X is an amazing console, and is going to be extremely hard to top in the