The Dangers of the Internet

By Cody Goerlich

While the internet is a great place to learn about interesting topics and educate yourself and others, it can also also be a very dangerous breeding ground for negative ideologies.

In the last decade, domestic terrorism prompted by white nationalism, racism, antisemitism, and Islamophobia has increased greatly. This can largely be attributed to the somewhat recent internet age. Those searching for a sense of group and belonging on the web often fall into the hands of manipulators who spread ideas of hate. Often times, seemingly unlikely terrorists commit horrible crimes of terror because they are so entrenched in the ideas they’ve learned while surfing.

In addition to terrorism, those with eating disorders find tricks to their unhealthy ways on the internet. Furthermore, online predators prey on adolescents, often hiding in chat rooms under alias’.

Although it can be a haven for inclusion and knowledge, the internet can also be extremely harmful and must be surfed cautiously.