BTS at United Nations General Assembly

Fatima Jafri, Staff Writer

On September 20th BTS attended the 76th United Nations general assembly in New York as a South Korean presidential envoy. President Moon of South Korea nominated BTS saying that they “deliver a message of comfort and hope to young people worldwide” and “facilitate diversity, environment, and equality around the world.” The world’s biggest boy band addressed the young population speaking on “Youth Today, Your Stories,” which features topics important to future generations to talk about their struggles in the last two years. 

BTS has been influential spreading messages of positivity over the years. They attended the general assembly two years ago and gave a speech about self love. The 76th assembly’s theme was building resilience through hope, responding to the needs of the planet, respecting the rights of people, and revitalizing the United Nations.

Currently, the band is partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) called “Love Myself.” The movement, which campaigns against bullying towards young people around the world, has raised over three million dollars. During the beginning of their partnership, they released the song “Life Goes On,” which aimed to spread a worldwide message of hope and love during difficult times.
The band said that they felt a sense of loss when they cancelled their 2021 world tour due to the pandemic. Moreover, Kim Namjoon, the leader of the band, began the UN speech by describing these losses and missed opportunities young people, including themselves, have faced during COVID. “I’ve heard that young people today are being referred to as COVID’s lost generation, that they’ve lost their way at a time when they need the most diverse opportunities and try new things,” Namjoon said. The pandemic affected the lives of many. Rather than viewing it as a negative perspective, BTS influenced others to have a positive mindset. “This is one of the most proudest moments BTS fans have experienced. They give new perspectives of hope, comfort and positivity to people around the world,” says senior and ARMY Melissa Armino. 

 Furthemore, the band said, “if we believe in possibilities and hope, even when the unexpected happens we don’t lose our way, but discover a new one.” They continued, “we thought the world stopped but it continues to move forward. I believe that every choice that we make is the beginning of change, not the end.”  

Moreover, the K-pop stars have made history as one of the few artists to ever perform at the general assembly. They performed “Permission to Dance,” which is a message of unity and hope across the world. BTS’ incorporation of sign language into their choreography was much appreciated and touched the heart of the sign language interpreter at the assembly. 

BTS continue to spread the message of hope and unity as they recently collaborated with Coldplay’s new album in the song “My Universe” which has reached over forty million views. They continue to work hard influencing others around the world that anything is possible with a positive attitude.