Jaguars Lose Once More

Lanie Colquitt

The Flower Mound Jaguars faced off against the Hebron Hawks last Friday night at Neal E. Wilson Stadium. Although at halftime the Jags were only down by eleven points, by the end of the game the Hawks had beaten the Jaguars 56-20.

Senior Connor Wanhanen played quarterback throughout the entire game. In previous games he had either played very little or as a wide receiver, due to an injury.

Within the first two minutes of the game, Wanhanen quickly ran 20 yards towards the end zone for Flower Mound’s first touchdown of the night and Wanhanen’s first rushing touchdown of the season.

Although the Jags had made the score 7-0, Hebron came back with an all-rushing drive that ended in a touchdown by the Hawk’s Treyvon Hughes.

Nearing the end of the first quarter, the Jags were able to move the ball down to Hebron’s 29-yard line, setting up a field goal for senior kicker Cameron Gamble.

Because Flower Mound’s defense could not contain Hebron’s running game, Hughes scored a touchdown during another running drive.

When Flower Mound tried playing the wildcat formation with senior running back Michael, Smith held a fumble. Due to the five yards lost during the fumble, the Jaguars were forced to punt. The punt ultimately resulted in a Hebron touchdown by Cedric Dale.

Halfway through the second quarter, Wanhanen ran in his second touchdown. But with less than thirty seconds left in the half, Hebron’s Carson Proffitt passed to Blake Robinson for a touchdown, making the halftime score 28-17.

After another Hawk touchdown from Dale, the Jags had an unsuccessful drive. Flower Mound tried to run a play on fourth down and three, but because they did not get the first down, Hebron held the ball on Flower Mound’s 36-yard line. The position on the field contributed to a touchdown ran in by Hughes.

In the next Jaguar possession, Wanhanen threw a pick 6. Flower Mound’s following drive was unproductive as well. Although the Jaguar defense recovered a fumble, Flower Mound was unable to score during the third quarter.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Flower Mound’s defense caused another fumble deep in Hebron territory. The field position helped senior kicker Andrew Hitscherich kick a 26-yard field goal.

With 1:20 left on the clock, Hebron’s Rikin Tanna rushed in a touchdown, making the final score 56-20.

Although Flower Mound lost by 36 points, head coach Dane Johnson is still proud of his team.

“They showed great spirit and emotion,” Johnson said. “We hung through, but in the third quarter Hebron’s size and speed ended up being too much for us.”

During the game, senior wide receiver Brandon Baker was injured.

“Brandon Baker is out for this week,” Johnson said. “We are hopeful that he will be back next week.”

This was the Jaguars’ seventh consecutive loss. They are now in last place in the 5-5A District.

This Friday, Flower Mound has its biggest game of the season, the Mound Showdown. The game marks the twelfth annual game that the Jaguars will battle their cross-town rivals, the Marcus Marauders, for a trophy.

Wanhanen thinks the team matches up well against Marcus.

“On paper and in the film room, we know how to attack them,” Wanhanen said. “We know what we have to do to win. Now it’s just up to us to do it.”

The Mound Showdown will take place on November 1 at home.