Wattpad: A reader’s heaven

Emma Wiborg

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Wattpad is a popular reading app that is easily accessible to anyone with an Android or IPhone. It also helps if you love reading and writing. Though the app, you are able to read books written by authors in your area and around the globe. Easily start a conversation with the author by leaving comments on their work and see your feedback inspire writers to get his or her work published.

At least 71 books have been published because of their popularity from Wattpad. It is amazing to follow a story for years, read every chapter the moment it is released, and then get to hold the hard copy in your hands. It is an amazing thing to experience as a reader and especially for the writer who gets to see his or her work in a book store.

 For avid readers looking for their next read, Wattpad offers a plethora of books categorized by genre. Because the app is free, there is no buyers regret if you decide you want to read a different book. And if you want to go back to the book you stopped reading, you can find it saved in your private library, conveniently opened to the place you left off.

After I downloaded the app and understood why people got addicted, I had to find creative ways to hide my late night reading.


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