Students and Sleep

Taryn Harbula

The average start time for middle school and high school is 8:00, but studies show that the brain doesn’t even start fully functioning until 10:00. Many clubs and sports are even held before school starts. Good sleep s one of the most important things to be healthy, but with school starting so early it is hard to get.

For five days every week students have to wake up to an alarm clock going off. The lack of sleep students receive causes them to be more irritable and to be less likely to want to be at school. Sleep is important in refueling your body and healing organs. When sleep is being limited the body and brain do not fully function.

Sleep deprivation can cause clinical depression, insomnia, and an excessive intake of caffeine. Many students are up until 1am working on homework and then have to wake up at 6am to do extracurricular activities getting a small five hours of sleep.

According the American Academy of PediatricsExternal  middle schools and high schools start at 8:30 a.m. or later. This would improve students health and wellbeing.