How High School Sports Changed Me

By: Brooke Dishman

In high school, teens grow physically, mentally, and emotionally, and learn about themselves, and develop characteristics and values to help them take on the long journey known as life.

Schools provide many options for students to explore their interests. One of those being athletics.

Participating in high school sports helped shape who I am today, as well as many of my friends. No matter the sport, you learn things like hard work, dedication, responsibility, accountability, perseverance, teamwork and communication.

Athletics forces student-athletes to maintain good grades. They learn time management. They learn about choosing between right and wrong, discipline and temptation.

Being successful in these sports fosters confidence. Being around a group of people with one goal fosters a community. Celebrating with victories and wallowing in the agony of defeat helps personify the highs and lows that will come in life.

But there is something really amazing about being amazing, scholarships. This helps students continue their love for a sport and bringing it to college. Nothing beats the experience.

I started playing many sports when I was about 4. I may not have been good at them but it showed me what I do like. Golf. My freshman year I was already on the girls top 5 varsity team. And now the girls golf team is going to state. I am beyond excited to share this experience with my team.

Without sports, I’m not sure I would have had the same memories or experiences I have now. I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Perhaps I wouldn’t be writing this column.

High school sports are filled with wins, losses, mistakes, and lessons learned. The experience, and the memories, are what last a lifetime.