Car Meet in Dallas

By riley sanders

   A couple months ago I went to a car meet with my friend at the Bombshell Factory in Dallas. They had a meet this past weekend that I decided to go to and check it out. I was hoping to see more exotic cars since the last one I went to was mostly all American muscle cars. The good part about these car shows is you get to see all the cool cars and learn about them, but the bad part is waking up early and having to drive nearly an hour away.  Luckily I wasn’t doing much so I had the time to get to the show right as everyone was pulling in.
   Unlike the previous car meets they have hosted this one was different. When you enter the parking lot they have an American muscle side and an exotic/ supercar side meant for each car. They try to match the cars up by brand and color to make it look organized and grab people’s attention,  when I first got there I went to check out the exotic and hypercar side of the parking lot first. There were plenty of Ferrari’s and Maserati’s but I had my eye on one in particular, a Lamborghini Huracan. Not only does the name sound exotic, the car matches the name very well. If you saw this car driving down the street you would automatically know it was made in Italy or some foreign country.
   After observing all the exotic cars for about 30 minutes I made my way over to the other side of the parking lot where I knew there would be cars that I like there. As I made it way over I ran into a car I didn’t think I would see in person ever.  It was a Camaro ZL1 1LE, the name is confusing but Camaro is the name of the car “ZL1” is the abbreviation of a sport package that comes with the car, and “1LE” is the abbreviation for the track package. Both of these options cost about $8k as an “aftermarket” option which to me is totally worth it.  
   I was shocked to see the Camaro in person because I have heard a lot of good things about it. There were a lot of varieties of cars at the meet and I got to see some pretty cool Mustangs and other exotic cars that pulled into the parking lot as I was leaving. The reason I love these car meets is because you get to see cool cars, but also you get the opportunity to talk to people who have the same passion as you and get to experience the real side of the “car world.”  I hope to attend many more car meets in the future and meet new people and see new cars.