Simple Things To Keep You Busy During Quarantine


Emily Armey, Editorial Writer

In the new decade of 2020, the world is going through a rough part of time. We are in a pandemic that has led the world to be quarantined and isolated. Although we are isolated there are multiple things to do to keep you productive.
Working out is the best thing you can do in these times. Firstly, working out keeps your body in motion and your brain focused on yourself and not everything else. Not only is this a way to get you focused on seperate things you also get to work on yourself. You can lose weight and hit a new body goal. Lastly, working out helps you build your immune system. Healthy immune systems are really important in these times. Whether it’s Chloe Tings home workouts or running outside, working out is always a healthy decision to pass a time.
Pick up a book. Set a goal each day about how many pages you want to read or a dedicated time to reading. Reading is always a good pass time. It can build the brain and make it smarter. Books can make you travel to a new world, one that’s way more fun than the one we are currently in. It’s a smart way to keep busy and get through a boring day!
Start a new hobbie. Personally I have picked up baking and have used so much of my time having fun figuring out different recipes. I have baked banana bread, cookies, and a covid-19 cake. The real joy is seeing others react to your baking. Some other good hobbies to pick up are playing a new instrument or knitting. Picking up something new is a great and rewarding way to pass time.
In this new year try to be as productive as you can. Build yourself to be smarter or healthier all while keeping social distance.