Thursday 2/16/23

The Rosettes Spring Show, “Adrenaline” is next week, February 23-25th at 7:00 pm in the Jack and Donna Clark Auditorium. Support the Rosettes as they dance all styles of dance from hip hop, jazz and contemporary, to traditional high kick. Come see the Rosettes and their guests, the Brosettes, the Rosette Dancing Dads, and members of the FMHS choir. Tickets on sale now at Get your tickets before they sell out! See you there!


Seniors! During advisory today please vote for your Senior Superlatives. Your teacher has the QR code in the Canvas page for advisory. Congratulations to all the nominees!


The food truck will be stopping for lunch at Flower Mound today! This is our rescheduled bad weather day. We are working on a consistent schedule going forward, as there have been some staffing changes.