Start off to Track

Cassie Baker

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The 2012-2013 track season finally kicked off this year, starting up track meets along with preparing for more important meets leading to state.

Track season this year has already pushed the limits of many athletes. Training for the season started on the first day of school for many of the runners, while others who participated in different sports just started training at the beginning of the new semester. Even though some may have gotten an advantage by starting at the beginning of the year, training is equally hard on everyone.

“Training for this track season has been a true test of my athletic ability,” freshman Megan Wettstein said.

Even though the workouts aren’t always specific they continually push runners.

“Usually just a lot of laps are given for us to run during track,” junior Rachel Grossman said.

FMHS track’s future looks bright and prosperous. The first meet, that was predicted to be a loss for Flower Mound, turned out differently than expected.

“We did better than predicted,” sophomore Lauren Johnson said.

The first track meet for FMHS was held at Hebron High School back in February, with an overall 2nd place for JV girls and boys, 3rd for Varsity boys, and 4th for JV girls.

For Flower Mound’s second meet, track took an overall 2nd place all across the four teams. Improvement from the team has been shown; state will hopefully be in play for FMHS this year.

“It’s not easy to say what is in play for FMHS track quite yet,” freshman Alec Templer said. “But it’s looking good.”

Track practices in specific groups. All field events are after school and running is during the period. Certain events practice sprints and techniques separately, but majority of the time laps are run altogether by the team.

Track this year has been a successful experience so far. With all around 2nd place from the second meet and improved times by the runners, many achievements have been made so far this season.

“FMHS will hopefully pull through and make state this year,” Wettstien said.

FMHS has had an incredible start to the season this year, improvements have been made in order to win and hopefully start their journey to state.

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