Freshman Newcomer to Varsity Champion

Alex Webb

Lauren Cox, a freshman and respected member of the Flower Mound High School basketball team, finished the season with an impressive and record-breaking first year.

For many athletes, playing for a national or professional team is just a farfetched dream, but for Lauren this dream edges ever closer each day. Her performance this year has attracted the eyes of many athletic corporations; one of these, the USA Basketball Association, has formally invited her to try out for the 16-and-under youth national team.

“Lauren is a very talented athlete with a great work ethic,” head basketball coach Sherika Nelson said. “I definitely believe she deserves this opportunity, and I’m excited to see how she continues to improve and rewrite the record books.”

The tryouts for the national team will take place at the Olympic training grounds on May 27 to May 28 in Colorado Springs.

“This is something I know Lauren has been dreaming of ever since she stepped out onto the court,” Nelson said. “She finally gets a chance to fulfill this dream, and learn from the experience.”

For Cox, athletic skill has always come naturally. She began playing sports at a young age, and continually improved and added to her skill throughout elementary and middle school.

“Lauren did a little bit of everything,” Cox’s father, Dennis Cox, said. “She began to play soccer when she was five, and continued to play till she was eleven. She also ran for track when she was attending middle school.”

Cox’s interest in athletic events was apparent, to her parents, at this point, who eagerly supported their daughter and always pushed her to do the best she can.

“Lauren had played basket ball off-and-on,” Cox’s father said. “She played when she was six until she was seven; but never really took it seriously until she was about twelve.”

This year at FMHS, Cox finished with an excellent record. Playing varsity for both for volleyball and basketball, as a freshman, is unheard of. The Dallas Morning News even recognized Lauren as the official “Newcomer of the Year”.

“Lauren was a leader by example,” Nelson said. “She put in hours of hard work and gained the respect of her teammates.”

Cox’s dedication and devotion to the sports she enjoys has paid off. The USA Basketball Association has set its attention to giving Cox a chance to try out and play for a national team.

“It’s not every day you have the opportunity to go on a paid trip to do something that you love,” Cox said.

Lauren’s parents were equally excited to see their daughter take this chance. Seeing her grow and continually improve on her skills has been a big work in progress for them.

“I am very excited to see how Lauren does at the try outs,” Cox’s fathers said. “It’s a huge honor just to be invited, and it’s all due to the hard work Lauren’s put in to the sport. The family is all looking forward into seeing her in a USA national jersey.”

Throughout Cox’s years as an athlete she has been backed by not only her parent’s, but three younger sisters. With five people behind and encouraging Cox, she should be ready for what the tryout in Colorado Springs should hold for her.