Ask a Jag: Volleyball Seniors

This week’s Spotlight Jags are the varsity volleyball seniors: Elaina Amador, Megan Farris, Avery Miller, Bella Ortiz, and Gabrielle Walker!


Q: When did you start playing volleyball?

A: Elaina Amador: “I started playing volleyball in 5th grade.”

A: Megan Farris: “I started playing volleyball in 6th grade.”

A: Gabby Walker: “I started playing volleyball when I was 7 years old.”


Q: What made you want to continue playing volleyball through highschool?

A: Elaina Amador:  “I wanted to play in college.”

A: Megan Farris: “I enjoyed the competitive community that high school sports offer and the outlet it has provided for me. It is a cool atmosphere to be a part of playing sports at Flower Mound.”

A: Gabby Walker: “I really enjoy the game and it is a way for me to escape from problems in my life and at school.”


Q: What is the hardest part about volleyball?

A: Elaina Amador: “The hardest part of volleyball skill-wise for me is serve receive. But one of the hard things for me as a teammate is getting to know when a teammate needs encouragement or a pick-me-up.”

A: Megan Farris: “The hardest part is the physical demand it has on your body and how quickly the game can change. You have to be ready and mentally focused to make those changes.”

A: Gabby Walker: “Letting your team down when you are not playing well.”


Q: Do you plan on continuing volleyball in college and beyond?

A: Elaina Amador: “I am playing in college! I am committed to Stephen F. Austin for sand volleyball.”

A: Megan Farris:  “No, I will not play collegiate volleyball but may do intramural in college.”       

A: Gabby Walker: “I am actually committed to the University of Southern California for beach volleyball.”


Q: What has been your favorite volleyball experience at school?

A: Elaina Amador:Definitely beating Byron Nelson in playoffs last year.”

A: Megan Farris: “My favorite volleyball experience was the Keller playoff game my sophomore year because of the huge crowd and the environment of my first playoff game! All playoff games are fun but that one was special!”

A: Gabby Walker: “My favorite experience would be getting 3rd at state.”